Discover the Trails of Greek Wine and Gastronomy!


Discover the Trails of Greek Wine and Gastronomy!


Astrelia Wine Tours is a company, which aims to initiate the traveller in exploring the wine world and discovering the wealth of vineyards in Peloponnese Greece, offering him/her tours absolutely adapted to his/her preferences and desires.

Our activity areas extend in a great part of Peloponnese Greece, which have 8 zones of Protected Geographical Indication and 6 varieties of Protected Designation of Origin.

Our team consists of personnel that studied in wine and gastronomy at WSET and Alain Ducasse Education School in France.

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We are active in 8 zones of Protected Geographical Indication in Peloponnese Greece, with mountainous, semi-mountainous and coastal vineyard places.

In these zones, we find 17 selected wineries; one of them is the oldest winery in Greece, founded in 1861, but also wineries, which elaborate unknown varieties and natural wines.

We visit historical viticultural and wine producing regions, where native varieties, like Roditis, Sideritis, Mavrodaphni, Moschato Patron and Black Kalavrytino, are cultivated. We taste, through a wine variety, 64 white, 38 red, 9 rose, and 4 sweet wines.

Places of Culture & Gastronomy

At the same time with "wine treasures", the travellers can visit archaeological sites and museums in Peloponnese Greece, as Ancient Olympia and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, which are Word Heritage Sites of UNESCO, the Ancient Theatre of Aigeira and the New Archaeological Museum of Patras.

We explore Greek gastronomy and the "protagonists" are olive groves, where we discover over 6 olive varieties, cheese making industries, we learn why feta cheese is called "white gold", and over 10 cooperatives of traditional products, we taste unique local products like honey and the unique Greek one with a Protected Designation of Origin, Mainalou Vanilla Fir Honey, which is produced in Mainalo, Arcadia.

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